One-to-one marketing incorporates strategies that apply directly to a specific consumer, emphasizing highly personalized interactions with each one of them. When you’re aware of your consumers’ preferences, you can more easily suggest specific products and promotions to each individual.

The personalization of interactions means you can reach the customers you want to reach without wasting dollars on those you don’t. One-to-one programs also foster greater customer loyalty and better return on marketing investment.

While the term is new, the approach is almost as old as business itself. In the past, for example, proprietors of a store would naturally take a one-to-one approach, remembering details about each customer’s preferences and characteristics and using that knowledge to provide better service.

One-to-one marketing seeks to reinvest marketing with the personal touch absent from many modern business interactions. By some estimates, a consumer faces over 3,000 messages a day, so the importance of making your message relevant and meaningful cannot be overstated. It is the ultimate form of consumer-driven dialogue between seller and buyer.



Identify: Getting to know customers by collecting reliable data about their preferences.

Differentiate: Differentiating customers by their priorities, in terms of their needs and segment them into more restricted groups.

Interact: Engaging with customers in ways that are desirable to them.

Customize: Personalizing the product or service to the customer individually.


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